Books to buy

from the Notts NUM Ex and Retired Miners Association

By Ann Donlan

About the Nottinghamshire National Union of Mineworkers

“Nottingham Miners Do Strike”
by Keith Stanley, former NUM Nottingham Area General Secretary and National Vice President. Price – £7.00+p+p 75p


“If Spirit Alone Won Battles. The Diary of John Lowe”
by his grandson Jonathan Symcox. Pub. Wharncliffe Books. ISBN 1 903425 51 4. Price £12.99 + £1 p+p

About Trade Union History

“Nine Days that Shook Mansfield.  The General Strike in the Mansfield Area”  by Barry Johnson.  The Ragged Historians. 2005. Portshel Industries.  ISBN 13-978-09551518-0-4

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