Hairy Bikers ‘Restoration Britain’ visit to Pleasley Heritage Centre

By Jane Bramley

Hairy Bikers, Si and Dave and Members of the Notts NUM Ex and Retired Miners Association in front of the Association’s banner and the Clipstone NUM banner

Eric Eaton

Tony Hursthouse, a volunteer at Pleasley Headstocks and a member of the Notts NUM Ex and Retired Miners Association poses for this photo with Association members

On 16th May the ‘Hairy Bikers’ Si and Dave came to Pleasley Colliery Heritage site as part of their series of programmes ‘Restoration Britain’.  It was televised on Sunday 11th August and showed the work done by volunteers who maintain the equipment.  The Hairy Bikers worked on no. 2 winding engine.  This is still in the process of being refurbished.   Although the weather was not too good and the proceedings took a bit longer than expected, eventually things came together, the Newstead band played and the event was a successful one.

As well as coming to Pleasley the ‘bikers’ visited other heritage sights around the country and completed work on the following :-

the first steam locomotive that used to ride the Metropolitan line on the London underground,

an early traction engine that revolutionised farming,

a 100 year old cotton spinning mule,

and a large barge that was used to transport coal on Britain’s canals.

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