Kent Miner


By Gary Cox

With all our Colliery’s closed and with our Heritage in danger of disapearing, now is a very important time in our History. Our communities are very much alive and we should all be working together to preserve and prolong our Mining Heritage.

The strike was one of the most important parts of our history and must not be forgotton but it is not the only thing that our brave, proud miners of the past, should just be remembered for.

They made and shaped the History and Culture in our surrounding Villages and Towns. They have left a legacy, our mining community spirit, comradeship and a bond, that is now up to us to preserve and continue to promote.

We have exciting projects ongoing here in Kent as I am sure you have in Nottingham, as well.

Together we can help each other. Together we can make a difference. Together we can show that the story of the miners is not finished yet.