People and Places

This project has looked at 6 former mining communities in Nottinghamshire.  We have focused on:  Ollerton, Rufford, Blidworth, Newstead, Hucknall and Linby.

40 people, who either worked or lived in these communities, have been interviewed.

We have also interviewed a number of men and women whose lives have great significance to the history of these Communities.

This site contains excerpts from these interviews, together with photographs and stories about the people and their communities.

Coalfield Photographs

Some photos taken over a number of years of the Notts/Derbys coalfield.

Pirate Radio Arthur

Extracts from The Pirate Radio Archives

Jimmy Lees, photos and thanks

Jimmy is an ex Bevercotes Colliery miner and loyal NUM member

Our Hucknall Interviewees

Ian Morrison, Phil Benskin, John Dobb

The Newstead Interviewees

Eric Eaton, Dave Meredith, Keith Johnson, Sam Downs

Our Ollerton Interviewees

Malcolm Hall, Bryan Bracegirdle, Jimmy Lees, Arthur Jackson

Newstead Coal Mining Memorial

followed by a celebration of mining community life


Can YOU help?

Our Blidworth Interviewees

John and Michael Cheesmond, Mal Howarth, Geoff Peace, Ken Petney, Yvonne Woodhead

Our Linby interviewees

Ron Clurow, John Webster, Dennis Baxter, John Whetton

Our Newstead Interviewees continued

Keith Stanley, Gary Roe, Bob Collier, Brian Walker

Our Rufford Interviewees

Jim Oakton, Tony Hursthouse, Nev Buckle