Books to read

History of mine workers

By Ann Donlan

Women’s role in the mining community

“Hearts and Minds” by Joan Witham.  Canary Press, 1986.  Covers the history of the Notts Women’s Support Group.  ISBN 0-9509967-7-7

“Norma Dolby’s Diary” by Norma Dolby.  Verso. 1987. Diary of a Miner’s wife at Arkwright Colliery.  ISBN 0-86091-880-7.

“At the Coalface.  My life as a Miner’s Wife”
Catherine Paton Black. Headline Publishing Group, 2012. ISBN 978 0 7553 6325 4.

The NUM, the Notts NUM, the 1984-85 strike and the role of the state

“The Enemy Within” by Raphael Samuel et al.  Routledge Kegan Paul Ltd., 1986.  First hand testimonies from the 1984 strike.  ISBN 0-7102-0-888

“The Enemy Within.  The Secret War Against the Miners” by Seamus Milne.  Verso 1994.  ISBN 978-1-84467-508-1

“The Nottinghamshire Coalfield and the British Miners Strike 1984-5” by W John Morgan, Ken Coates.  Occasional Paper University of Nottingham, Dept. of Adult Education.  Sympathetic study of the 1984 strike in Notts.  ISBN 1850410348

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