Documentary Commercial

By David ASHBY


Fish Films are currently producing a documentary-style commercial for a major UK food brand. We are looking to speak to ex coal miners and their families to see if they would be willing to take part and share their stories with us.

The aim of the film is to bring families and friends together for a meal that have not seen each other for a long period of time, the longer the better! This could be ex coal miners that haven’t seen their mining buddies for years or a miner whose family members may have moved away and would like to be reunited with them. We want to tell their stories and film the reunion as it happens. We want to tell a nostalgic story of comradery surrounding the coal mining industry.

I will be in the Mansfield area looking to speak to local retired miners this week (W/C 29th September 2014). Below is a link to some of the directors previous work to give you an idea of the style and content we are trying to produce:

Please feel free to contact me on the details below if you are a retired miner interested in taking part or can help putting me in touch with some ex coal miners and their families. I Look forward to hearing from you. There will also be a fee for those that are interested as a thank you for your participation.

Many Thanks,

David Ashby – Assistant Producer/Researcher

Fish Films


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